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Virtual General Civil Mediation Training & Practicum


Mediation is an important part of resolving conflicts. This course teaches participants how to use communication and conflict resolution skills to help other resolve conflict outside of the court system.  During the course, participants will learn the how to effectively do the following:

  • Navigate the Superior, Magistrate, State, and Probate courts and mediation programs;

  • Master the mediation process;

  • Comprehend mediation ethics and best practices;

  • Identify the various conflict management styles and how they can be used in dealing with internal and external conflict;

  • Observe body language carefully and respond accordingly to ensure that everyone’s needs are met;

  • Actively and effectively listen; 

  • Define issues, positions, interests, and emotions to assist the parties generate ideas for resolution;

  • Maintain a favorable emotional climate and manage power imbalances in order to bring about a favorable resolution in mediation;

  • Establish a positive tone for resolution by establishing ground rules and guidelines for the mediation session;

  • Effective set an agenda and prioritization of issues;

  • Effectively write mediation agreements; and

  • Build a successful mediation practice

Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution Requirements

To register to complete the virtual general civil mediation and practicum, participants must have the following:

  • Computer (no phone or tablets);

  • Videocam and microphone and

  • High-speed, secure internet (no public WIFI, no hotspots)

To register as a neutral in general civil mediation, an applicant  must meet all the following requirements:

  • Consent to a background check, cooperate with the background check process, and pass a background check*; and

  • Successfully complete 28 hours of GODR-approved general civil mediation training & 12 hour practicum;

* If you are not sure whether or not a criminal history will prevent you from becoming a registered neutral, you may request that the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution complete an ethics pre-certification of fitness to register (an initial criminal history review prior to completing your training) for the small fee of $50.00. Please reach out to the Georgia Courts Registrar team at or 404-463-3808 if you are interested in utilizing this service.

What types of cases can I mediate with this training?

Participants will learn how to mediate disputes for businesses, accident cases, churches, organizations, and neighborhoods.

Course Registration Information

Training Dates: June 13-17, 2022 (Summer); October 10-14, 2022 (Fall)

Cost: $1450.00

Location: Virtually via Live Webinar